LEG•A•CY(Noun): something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.

For us, only the most noble of people leave behind a legacy, and only the most noble of people can live up to it.  Leaving behind a noble and honorable legacy means overcoming all adversity, and against all odds.  Braving treacherous circumstances in the face of a most-certain demise. Going face-to-face with inevitable doom and coming out on top.  What is left behind from individuals claiming such feats is now inherent to their descendants, and they are forever left to roam the earth with the weight of living up to their victorious predecessors. The moment that is now, becomes the legacy of the future. Only you can decide what you make of your life and what you leave behind for all to remember. 

Legacy Golf Apparel was founded by Nicholas Teen & Aaron Taylor of Grosse Ile, Michigan. Just like you, their arena is on the golf course, and the battle always starts on the first tee box. The traps, the water, the trees, the rough, the heat, and the wind only seem like they’re the enemy, but only the experienced know that the war is really only against yourself. How you prevail is never a question of capability, but rather the understanding and control of one’s own mind.  As soon as the forces against you start to accumulate, and the pressure begins to mount, is usually when that magical moment shows its face…

…Your ball is sitting about a mile away from the green on that monster par-5, and the water comes into play dangerously close to the green. And in that moment, you’re faced with two options: you either lay your ball up into safety, or you rip a full-on Siberian skud missile straight to Valhalla. Everyone in your group lays the ball up in a safe position, but you know that you have nothing in common with them. You’d look up to the sky to ask the question, that is, if you didn’t already know the answer. 

You pull the 3-wood out of your bag, and your group begins eyeing each other from cart to cart. You step up to the ball and grip your club with a kung-fu ninja grip. While your group watches in awe, you know that going against all odds and certain demise is reserved for legends only, and legends never lay up.

This company is dedicated to the life and legacy of Michael Teen and Thomas F. Taylor, Jr.


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